Staying Traditional in a Digital World

Entering the world of online marketing can be difficult and appear daunting for companies that have been established for a long time, perhaps who offer traditional goods or services, and who have only previously used other forms of advertising, perhaps even only word of mouth exclusively. But despite initial trepidations, it soon becomes evident that there is a place on the internet for all kinds of businesses.

The Internet is for Everyone

There is something of a misconception that digital marketing is the exclusive preserve of fresh faced graduates in suits selling new fangled, bells and whistles devices, and that the internet is populated by high tech start ups that leave no area of the market penetrable. However, this is simply not the case. The internet really is for everyone.

Know Your Enemy

You do not have to compete against hi tech start ups, dot com enterprises or multinational super companies. You only have to compete against your competitors. If you are offering SEO services and are based in, say, for instance, Birmingham, then whether potential visitors to your site search for SEO Birmingham, or search for SEO whilst they are physically located in or near Birmingham and detectable by global positioning satellite technology, you only have to compete against anyone else offering that service in that area.

Don't Change, Improve

If yours is a more traditional business, then nothing about your business has to change simply because you introduce a digital marketing strategy. All that happens is that you are given the opportunity to tell more people that your business. A blacksmith in Birmingham would have to alter none of their ancient processes in order to create an effective digital marketing campaign, but through proper use of on page SEO Birmingham blacksmiths could significantly enhance their business.